Money Management

Track and manage all of your spending in one place.

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Money Management

Triangle is pleased to offer the upgraded financial tracker, Money Management, within online banking. You can manage all your accounts in one place with a single login, to more easily budget and gain control over spending.

Benefits & Key Features:

  • All accounts in one place
    • Add credit cards
    • Add mortgages & loans
    • Add outside accounts
    • View retirement plans & savings
  • Budgeting
    • Easily visualize when you are below, nearing your limit, or over budget
    • Utilize sub-budgets to track specific spending
    • See the money you have leftover to put towards goals
  • Auto-Categorization of Transaction
    • 90% accuracy and can easily be changed or personalized
    • Search & Filter capability
    • Ability to recategorize and split a transaction into two categories
    • Ability to add sub-categories
  • Debt Management
    • Prioritize debt using the "Debt Snowball Strategy"
      • It's easy. When you've paid off your highest priority debt, take that monthly payment and put it toward your next debt. The snowball method makes budgeting simple because the monthly total for all debts remains the same.
    • See what happens when you pay more than the minimum
  • Alerts to keep you on track
    • Can be set as Email and/or Text
    • Set up either Simple Alerts or Detailed Alerts
      • Deatiled Alerts: Highlight specific accounts and amounts
  • Set goals and track your progress
    • Set savings, debt, and retirement goals
    • See how much you'll put towards that goal each month
    • Change amounts to identify how long it will take you to reach that goal
  • Manage Cash Flow
    • Quickly identify biggest expenses
    • Spot what you can cut out, or where you can cut back

Money Management User Guide
Money Management Account FAQs