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When you become a member of Triangle Credit Union, you automatically become a part owner of the institution and get the benefits of our free personal savings account with your $25 share. But, with many other savings options, you can find the best way to save money and achieve your savings goal. Plus, enroll in Direct Deposit and your ACH credit will be accessible up to two days early*.

Premier Money Market

Gain more earning power with this interest bearing accessible savings account and best interest rate
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CD Specials

Invest with Triangle’s special competitive CD rates to help your bank account grow.
Term Rate APY%*
9 Month CD Special 1.539% 1.55%
22 Month CD Special 1.391% 1.40%
35 Month CD Special  2.227% 2.25%

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Online Savings Account

Earn a high yield savings rate with the convenience of an online savings account. Available with your online banking registration. 
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Money Market

Start earning today with our money market account and high yield money market rates.
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Certificate Rates

For long term savings, designed to mature when you need your funds.
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*Triangle Credit Union cannot assume any liability for not depositing these funds to a member account early.