Microsoft Wallet

Use your Microsoft Wallet with your Triangle Credit Union Visa debit card. 

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Ease of Convenience  

  • Pay for purchases with just the tap of your cell phone
  • Save all of your reward and membership cards –for store, restaurants, health clubs, libraries, and more –in your Microsoft Wallet
  • Freedom to pay at hundreds of thousands of places –anywhere you see the contactless payment symbol  -including popular stores, coffee shops and restaurants

A more Secure way to Pay

Microsoft Wallet provides a more secure way to pay since retailers never receive a customer’s credit or debit card numbers during a transaction. Instead, when a customer taps to pay, the retailer receives a single-use transaction number and an encrypted security code that is unique to that purchase and won’t work for any other purchase, person or device. This, plus requiring the device PIN to make a purchase, make using the Microsoft Wallet more secure than using an actual card alone, reducing the risk of fraud.

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