Advanced Fraud Alerts*

Triangle's latest offering to protect our members features two-way Fraud Alert Text Messaging. This opt-in service is in addition to the debit card security service our members have trusted for years for transaction verification by phone call.

Fraud Alert Text Messages allow cardholders to receive instant texts to their most used device when fraud is suspected on their Debit Card. According to studies, the average American has their mobile phone within arm's reach for more than 90% of each day. Text message alerts provide a way to contact you faster, using the most direct contact method, when suspected fraudulent activity is occurring — but without an intrusive phone call from an unrecognized number. 

Opt-in to Text Alerts  

*Message and data rates may apply

How It Works

Two-Way Interactive text messages provide the member with details regarding the transaction that caused the Fraud Alert to be created. The member replies to the text with a "yes" for confirmed "no fraud" or a "No" to confirm the transaction was not authorized by them, quickly and easily.

For help, call Triangle Member Services at 603-889-2470.
To discontinue text alert services, reply with STOP.
If you have responded STOP and wish to reactivate text service, call Triangle Member Services at 603-889-2470.
To opt-out of all Fraud Alert services, complete
this form and deliver to a Triangle Credit Union branch location.