June 29, 2015

Coming This Summer... a New www.trianglecu.org

Comment June 29, 2015 by Becky - eCommerce Manager

Triangle prides itself on member service, with a mission to “… identify our existing and potential member needs and to meet those needs through progressive, cost efficient products and services…”

This summer, Triangle will take a step to help improve the user experience at our website by introducing a revamped, mobile friendly design. Through the new responsive site, we hope to enable visitors to access and read about our products and services with their device of choice. The new layout will include improvements to the sitemap with more cohesive tabs and menus. All of the services and features that you enjoy will remain, but may have a new home on the website.

Last year alone, mobile visits to Triangle’s website grew 13%, reflective of website trends across the US. Our new site will allow Triangle to stay competitive in an industry that’s increasingly mobile driven, without leaving behind those who prefer desktop access.

Here’s a sneak peek of our new home page, designed with you in mind:

Stay tuned over the next month for more information about this upcoming improvement.



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