May 31, 2013

How to Join and Open Accounts

Comment May 31, 2013 by Triangle Credit Union

We are a credit union, but that does not mean we can’t be your bank. In this series, “How to Bank at Triangle” we will share posts with practical information such as how to join, make deposits, and move money. We will also answer our members’ “frequently asked questions” gathered from in-branch feedback. No matter what your financial needs are, you’ll find a point on the Triangle that is convenient and accessible; truly a better way to “bank.”    

To take advantage of all of the services offered by our credit union, you must first become a member. Triangle Credit Union is an open credit union, meaning that membership is available to all persons residing or working in the Hillsborough, Merrimack, Belknap, Rockingham, and Cheshire Counties of New Hampshire, and the Franklin, Worcester, Middlesex, and Essex Counties of Massachusetts.

Membership is also permitted to those outside our geographic area who are related to an existing member, work for one of our Select Employee Groups (SEG), or to an individual obtaining a loan through our Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) program.

Your membership can be established online through our secure account opening or at any of our branch locations by opening a Regular Share Savings account with an opening balance of $25. This account then becomes your membership account and it is required that the $25 minimum balance be maintained. This deposit not only entitles you to access all of the products and services of our credit union but also gives you ownership rights in our credit union. We will extend to you, each year, an invitation to our annual meeting where you can vote to decide who leads the credit union and make important decisions that affect your finances.

Once you join our credit union it becomes your credit union. You are a member, an owner, and a decision maker. Welcome aboard! And, welcome to full control of your finances.

If you wish to open additional accounts after you have joined, you may do so online or in branch at any time. Be advised that our online account opening choices are limited to Checking, Savings, Online Savings, Money Market Plus, and Certificates of Deposit. For IRAs, HSAs, Kids Club, and Teen Club accounts please visit your nearest branch.

To join online the process will take about 10 minutes and you will need to have the following available:


  • U.S. Social Security number
  • A valid form of identification including: Driver’s license, State ID, Military ID or Passport
  • Previous home address (if you have lived at your current home address less than two years)
  • Credit or debit card or U.S. checking or savings account to fund your new account(s). 


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