June 24, 2014

Internet Browsers and Online Banking

Comment June 24, 2014 by Triangle Credit Union

To properly see the information stored on a website, you need an internet browser. It is your window to the World Wide Web. As the World Wide Web evolves in depth and complexity, so too must your internet browser.

Configuring your browser to update automatically is a sure way to keep pace with these changes. However, as some members are finding, the latest browser, built to view complex media sites, may not always be compatible with the needs of our online banking.

At Triangle, our main focus is on the security of our members’ transactions. That is why we have chosen to partner with Digital Insight as our online banking vendor. We value that Digital Insight carefully reviews capabilities and security information before deciding which browsers to certify. When a new browser is released, Digital Insight puts it through extensive compatibility and security testing. Once certified, we at Triangle can then say with certainty that your information will display correctly and your transactions will be secure.

If you are using a supported browser and are still having issues, attempt to configure your browser using these guides:


If you have configured your browser using our guides and are still experiencing difficulty, please call 800-276-2470 to speak with a representative. We value your membership and wish for you to be able to reliably and securely see through your browser and into your online banking.

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