June 11, 2013

How to Make Deposits

Comment June 11, 2013 by Triangle Credit Union 

We are a credit union, but that does not mean we can’t be your bank. In this series, “How to Bank at Triangle” we will share posts with practical information such as how to join, make deposits, and move money. We will also answer our members’ “frequently asked questions” gathered from in-branch feedback. No matter what your financial needs are, you’ll find a point on the Triangle that is convenient and accessible; truly a better way to “bank.”    

The most common way for our members to fund their accounts once they have joined is via direct deposit. To establish direct deposit you will need to provide your employer with our routing number, 211489601, and your account number. Before you establish your first direct deposit, ACH, or Wire Transfer, we ask that you speak to one of our branch or contact center representatives to confirm your account number. As a credit union, we use an account numbering system that is quite different than what you may be used to at a bank.

Once you have taken care of establishing direct deposit for your recurring source of income, you may wish to consider how to deposit cash, coin, and non-recurring checks. All of our branch locations will be happy to take cash and check deposits and our Amherst, DW South Nashua, Candia Rd, Elm St, and Franklin St. locations have on hand coin counters to take your bulk coin deposits (for a nominal fee). Through our vast network of ATMs, there are many that are also deposit-taking and can accept cash and check. And recently, Triangle Credit Union entered into a shared branching partnership with credit unions in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam that allows our members to make deposits (and many other transactions) at almost 6,700 credit union service centers.


The wonders of modern, secure technology have enabled our credit union to establish an additional means of depositing checks to your account: Remote Deposit. From home you can use your scanner or your iPhone or Android smartphone to deposit checks directly to your account. To get started, login to online banking, click on the additional services tab, and select remote deposit. Note: this service is restricted to members who have established their membership for at least 6 months. Once approved for the service, download the Install EZTwainX.cab software for your desktop PC, or if you intend to remotely deposit via your phone you will need to download our mobile banking application.


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