December 18, 2012

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Paying Fees

Comment December 18, 2012 by Triangle Credit Union

It is not the intent of the credit union to impose any unnecessary fees on our members, but the fact remains that in order to be a viable financial institution we must add new services and as we do, we often have to add new fees.

We also understand that in many cases, we are not the only source of banking for our members and it can be tricky to keep all of the rules of each institution straight in order to avoid fees. So, though it may be impossible to avoid paying fees altogether, following these 6 simple steps will see that you never pay an unnecessary fee.

  • Go paperless - eStatements are good for our environment, secure, and a time saver. Additionally, as ever-growing segments of the population connect to the internet and begin to access more information online than from their mailbox, paper statement delivery charges will be the industry norm (if they aren’t already).
  • Use alerts -You’re busy and sometimes you forget about an outstanding check. Alerts, which can be set up online or on your phone, can be a helpful fee preventer. They are also handy to warn you of minimum balance requirements. Our Regular Share Savings account has a $25 minimum; set the limit for $50 and you should never see that fee.
  • Check your balance daily – A good rule of thumb is to log into your online banking every morning before you head off to work or school. Once upon a time, people had to wait for statements. Now you have real time delivery with up to the minute balances online and on the go with our mobile banking apps!
  • Never use a non-affiliated ATMOur network is huge, so you have many ways to access cash. But if have to, be sure you don’t check your balance at a non-affiliated ATM, as there will surely be a fee. This one is always a kicker as your balance is always just a text or a couple of clicks away.
  • Don’t go to other institutions to cash checks – It is now the norm to charge non-customers to cash checks. Generally, it’s always better to deposit a check; for your recordkeeping and safety. Funds are available as early as the next business day. And, with our remote deposit you can even skip the trip to the credit union.
  • Consolidate your banking – The most common slip-up when it comes to fees is being spread too thin. Having accounts at multiple institutions greatly increases your exposure to fees. Try and consolidate to your preferred institution or two (hopefully Triangle Credit Union is one) and you will find it is much easier to keep fee schedules straight.

Our goal at Triangle Credit Union is fee-transparency. Our full set of fees can be found here. From time to time you may find yourself having to pay for a service, i.e. Treasurer’s Draft, Traveler’s Check, or Gift Card, but following the simple steps we’ve outlined above will see that you never pay a fee that you shouldn’t have had to pay.


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