Email Privacy & Postcards

February 21, 2013

Email Privacy & Postcards

Comment February 21, 2013 by Triangle Credit Union

We have come to trust and depend upon our email accounts, using them to communicate personally and professionally the banal to the life changing news that affects us. But, it is important to be aware that email is generally considered to be one of the greatest risks to privacy. Email is more akin to a postcard than it is to a sealed and private letter.

When you send an email it ends up being stored in multiple locations, at a minimum, your computer, your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) server, and on your recipient’s computer. Along the way the opportunity for prying eyes to read your message is great. What is more, email privacy is a loosely guarded privacy. According to, though law enforcement officials would have difficulty in obtaining your personal email from your home, with relative ease and little coercion your ISP would likely hand them over.

In addition to lax privacy protections, there are also these email gotcha’s to be concerned about. It’s likely you won’t draw attention from the law with your emails, but you’re bound at some point to attract a fraudster’s interest. Some of their favorite tricks to lure you into to clicking a malicious link include sending you emails with empty subject lines, sending you emails from unknown (and sometimes known!) senders, sending you bogus coupon links, and asking for update info requests. Use caution with every electronic postcard you open!

The point of this post was not to convince you to shut down your email account. It is still a necessary and vital mode of communication. Rather, my intention was to draw your attention to the risks. Nver send any non-public information via email. Trust your instincts and be wary of any odd emails. And, most importantly remember that Triangle Credit Union will never send you an email requesting you to reply with personal information.