Triangle Credit Union Hosts Senior Safeguard Panel Discussion

October 10, 2019

Triangle Credit Union Hosts Senior Safeguard Panel Discussion

Comment  October 10, 2019 by Triangle Credit Union

NASHUA, NH— Credit unions across New Hampshire are taking significant steps in the fight toward protecting the elderly from financial abuse and exploitation. On Monday, September 7, 2019, Triangle Credit Union, in collaboration with the Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA), the City of Nashua, Nashua Police Department, and the Nashua Senior Center hosted ‘Senior Safeguard,’ an educational program developed to provide insightful discussion to help combat financial scams that are perpetrated against the elderly.

During the discussion, attendees were given the opportunity to speak directly with panel experts about their concerns, and to address questions regarding scams they’ve experienced of which they have heard.

“Triangle sees cases of elder financial abuse on a regular basis,” noted Lisa Van Biene, Vice President Member Services for Triangle Credit Union. “One out of nine seniors experience financial abuse, but only one out of four will report it. That could be because they’re embarrassed, ashamed, but more often they’re afraid of the situation. We train our employees to be aware of pattern changes with our members, which ultimately help us to start a conversation about their change in behavior.”

According to the CCUA, $36 billion is lost to financial abuse each year, and between three to five million seniors fall victim to financial abuse. Two-thirds of familial caretakers reported that their elderly relatives were once a target of financial fraud or a scam, and 28% of those targeted became victims.

Nashua Police Deputy Chief Kevin Rouke emphasized the importance of reporting cases throughout the discussion. “The only way we can help you is if you are proactive and call us. We have a police officer who is assigned to senior affairs, and we are one of the only police departments in the state to have that. We’re progressive in following up with these cases, and are taking a proactive stance in ensuring our senior citizens are protected and aware of new scams and methods.”

City of Nashua’s Mayor Jim Donchess who participated in the panel discussion shared that the city’s aldermen board recently experienced a scam attempt. “There was an email purportedly sent from me to our aldermen that said I was in trouble, and that they needed to go to Amazon and purchase gift cards. If you looked at the email address, you could see that it wasn’t from me.”

“Everyone is vulnerable to scams. They call my home constantly,” said Donchess. “We want to ensure our city’s senior citizens are guarded against financial abuse as much as we can.”

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