Triangle Credit Union Breaks Ground in Merrimack


July 22, 2019

Triangle Credit Union Breaks Ground in Merrimack

July 22, 2019 by, Kimberly Houghton, New Hampshire Union Leader Correspondent 

The following article was originally published by the New Hampshire Union Leader on Monday, July 22, 2018. View the original article.

MERRIMACK — Triangle Credit Union broke ground Friday on a new branch at the recently renovated Merrimack 360 plaza that will be smaller than its traditional branches and sport new technology designed to improve transactions with members.

“This would be our 10th branch,” said Scott MacKnight, CEO and president of Triangle Credit Union. The 2,000-square-foot bank is expected to open around mid-December.

“There are quite a few members that already live in Merrimack — about 2,400 members,” he said, explaining the company has been hoping to open a branch in Merrimack for quite some time.

Triangle Credit Union was founded in 1939 in Nashua and now has several sites throughout southern New Hampshire. With more than $600 million in assets and more than 50,000 members, the company continues to grow.

“We are always looking for more,” MacKnight said. “We focus on southern New Hampshire, and anything that makes sense for us to continue to serve our members, we continue to look at.”

The success of credit unions throughout New Hampshire is dependent on the membership experience, MacKnight said. Members want a certain amount of ownership and they want to be heard, he said.

The Merrimack branch at 360 Daniel Webster Highway will include a drive-thru with interactive cash machines. Similar to an automated teller machine, the new interactive teller machines allow users to click on a button for help and receive immediate assistance from a person, who will appear on the machine’s screen.

“This is where the industry is going, so it makes a lot of sense for us to move down that avenue,” MacKnight said of the cash machines and the pod design that will be utilized inside the credit union. Instead of traditional teller lines, members can choose a pod inside the building where they will can conduct transactions.

“This branch here is all designed with the latest technology,” MacKnight said, adding the new design will eventually become a footprint for all of the Triangle Credit Union branches.

A conference room will also be available at the Merrimack location, which will incorporate Skype technology. By constructing smaller credit union offices and implementing the best technology available, MacKnight said it results in more efficient operations for customers.

“Triangle Credit Union has been so incredibly visible and does so much for the community in Nashua. I think the Merrimack community should be really excited about the quality of this credit union and the quality of people that it employs,” said Laurie Dufault, a member of the Merrimack Chamber of Commerce.


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