Maurice D. Simard Jr. Retires After 32 Years

December 24, 2018

Maurice D. Simard Jr. Retires After 32 Years with Triangle Credit Union

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The following article was originally published by the New Hampshire Union Leader on Monday, December 24, 2018. View the original article

NASHUA — Triangle Credit Union is facing significant changes in the new year as its president and CEO for the past three decades says farewell. Maurice D. Simard Jr., has been at the helm of the Nashua-based company for 32 years, helping the company expand and flourish in a highly competitive market.

“When I started we had $17 million in assets and 5,400 members. Right now we have almost over $700 million in assets,” said Simard.

Under his leadership, Triangle Credit Union has grown to 56,000 members, about 160 employees and nine locations. In the beginning, Simard said he was told to simply keep the company going and keep its members happy.

“That kind of wasn’t good enough for me,” he said while reflecting on his time with the company. “My incentive to stay was to grow the business, and that is what I said to myself the first month I was here.”

There have been changes and challenges along the way, but Simard said the core focus of customer service has been paramount, and has helped keep Triangle Credit Union at the top of the competition.

“The competition is very stiff, but for us, we have always been heavy on service from the top up. I really stress the importance of customer service,” he said.

Employees undergo educational classes on how to best serve its members, and there is continuous training focused in this area, according to Simard. Early on in his role, Simard said there was just one company sponsor. As credit unions evolved, new banking standards allowed the company to take in additional members throughout the state.

“Every year we had double-digit growth,” he said. “I knew that if we expanded our area, we could take in customers and members, and that we would grow.”

Moving from a federal charter to a state charter was a major milestone for the company, and enabled it to expand considerably, he said. Simard has lived in New Hampshire most of his life, but moved to Massachusetts about five years ago. He is active with the World Council of Credit Unions, an international trade association that allows him to travel throughout the world on business, most recently visiting Thailand and Singapore to promote the benefits of credit unions.

Simard spent his last day at the office, based at 33 Franklin St., last week. He is now officially retired from the banking business, but says he is excited about the future of Triangle Credit Union.

A. Scott MacKnight is taking over as the new CEO and president of the local credit union, where he has worked for the past 20 years. “I think he is going to do a great job. I am very supportive of Scott,” said Simard, explaining MacKnight previously served as the company’s chief financial officer.

Simard said he is sure that MacKnight will continue to enhance the credit union’s presence in New Hampshire.

“It has truly been a privilege ensuring our local community groups and nonprofits receive support that is needed to carry out their missions,” Simard said the day prior to his retirement.

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