Triangle Credit Union: Protecting Member Identity for Peace of Mind

September 21, 2017

Triangle Credit Union: Protecting Member Identity for Peace of Mind

Comment  September 21, 2017 by Triangle Credit Union

A recent data breach affected an estimated 143 million citizens. This was one of the most comprehensive data breaches in recent history.

In 2015 Triangle Credit Union began offering their membership a Better Checking account option, which includes identity protection services. Since its inception, over thirteen thousand Triangle members have been protected by the service with claims mitigated and resolved through the robust IDProtect® coverage:

  • Total Identity Monitoring of over 1,000 databases
  • Identity Theft Resolution and Recovery
  • IDProtect for Eligible Family Members
  • Credit File Monitoring
  • Debit and Credit Card Registration
  • Cellular Telephone Coverage for up to $300

"Triangle Credit Union has been at the forefront of safety and soundness initiatives since we were established in 1939. Member security is paramount and IDProtect is the right step in ensuring continued success in this effort,” stated Maurice D. Simard, Jr., Triangle’s CEO/President.

Triangle's Better Checking account holders are protected against the fastest growing crime in the U.S., benefiting from the peace of mind that comes with their membership. With all of the choices available for identity protection and cell phone insurance, Triangle is proud to offer a lower cost option to their members, saving some hundreds of dollars as well as hours of time in resolution and recovery.

Not only did I experience credit fraud, but just a week later my husband’s identity was stolen. Credit cards and loans were opened in our names, but we were alerted immediately by IDProtect and had a resolution in under a week’s time. Our experience really brought peace of mind, knowing we have Better Checking to protect us.” – Linda A., Manchester, NH (Member since 2012)


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