Triangle Credit Union Supports Federal Workers with Assistance Program

Programs available to Triangle members affected by government shutdown

January 15, 2019

Triangle Supports Federal Workers with Assistance Program
(This program has ended)

Comment  January 15, 2019 by Triangle Credit Union

Triangle Credit Union joins a list of local and Federal credit unions in providing financial assistance to their members affected by the ongoing Federal Government shutdown.

A Government Shutdown Assistance Program has been launched by Triangle for its members that are federally employed, and in need of financial support to ease the burden brought on by loss of income. The programs provide various options of financial support, are effective immediately, and will remain in effect until the shutdown ends (or notified otherwise). Financial programs for the Government Shutdown are available only to federally-employed workers who are currently not receiving financial compensation, and on a case-by-case basis.

Currently, Triangle is offering the following financial relief options for its members:

  • Skip a Payment
  • Pay Advance
  • Penalty-Free CD Withdrawal

More details pertaining to Triangle’s Government Shutdown Assistance Program may be found by visiting

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