President's Message: Winter 2020

An Excerpt from MoneyTalk, Winter 2020

January 3, 2020

President's Message: Winter 2020

Comment  January 3, 2020 by, A. Scott MacKnight, CEO/President

For Triangle Credit Union, the New Year brings a new branch and technology, which means more convenient services for our members residing or working in Merrimack, NH. Our ITMs and Branch Specialists are a welcome addition to our growth and development, and I encourage you to stop by the Merrimack 360 Shopping Center to experience our member initiative, TCU GO. There are so many new facets to banking technology—it’s hard to keep up, but with TCU GO, we’ve wrapped all of the best features into a new experience that will provide more convenience and accessibility to our members. For more information on TCU GO, please check out

A new year may also mean new resolutions, such as paying off high interest credit cards, and Triangle can help! With our low interest credit card, there are no balance transfer fees and a low introductory rate for up to 12 months for qualified borrowers. If it’s time to consolidate your debt, apply online at or at any of our convenient branches.

We are excited about what the new year holds for us and for our members, and we wish each and every one of you a most prosperous 2020!

A. Scott MacKnight 

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