October 1, 2015

President's Message: Summer 2016

Comment  June 30, 2016 by Maurice D. Simard, Jr., President/CEO

Welcome to the 2016 Summer Season! Summer is a great time to explore our beautiful NewEngland region and it’s the perfect time to purchase or refinance the vehicle you need to explore popular destinations around New England.

Triangle’s vehicle loan rate which is as low as 1.99% APR* is a perfect way to get the vehicle of your dreams. This very competitive rate is good for new purchases on ANY vehicle: car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV! There is no processing fee and Triangle members can receive a pre-approval on their loan by using our online SMART Approval program. Simply visit our website at trianglecu.org to apply online  and then visit one of our preferred auto dealers and make your best deal on a new or used vehicle. If you love the  vehicle you drive now and want to lower your rate to save money, you can finance your loan from any financial institution by applying online or calling 889-2470 to speak to a Contact Center Representative. You can also visit one of our convenient branches to speak with a representative.

To make your vehicle search easy and convenient, check out Triangle’s AutoSMART online buying portal and research the database of preferred local dealerships. For additional information on this convenient member feature, I encourage you to read TCU University: “AutoSMART Saves You Time & Money” in this edition of MoneyTalk.

Whatever you want to drive, please consider Triangle Credit Union as your first stop to purchase your dream vehicle and then you can be on the road to your summer destination.

On behalf of Triangle Credit Union, I hope you enjoy the warmer months ahead and wish you a safe and happy summer!

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