President's Message: Winter 2019

An Excerpt from MoneyTalk, Winter 2019

October 1, 2018

President's Message: Winter 2019

Comment  January 10, 2019 by, A. Scott MacKnight, President/CEO

To the Triangle Community,

A new year brings new beginnings, and I am honored to introduce myself to you as Triangle’s CEO/President.

To give you some personal background, I originally began my journey with Triangle 24 years ago as a teller. I quickly worked my way up as an Accountant, Vice President of Finance/Controller, then as Chief Financial Officer. In addition to my professional experiences, I am a past president of the Great American Downtown in Nashua, and currently serve as finance chair for the Salvation Army of Greater Nashua. I look forward to additional opportunities to support our local nonprofit organizations and businesses.

Since I have been part of Triangle for many years, I look forward to leveraging my experiences and skills to continue providing service and support to enhance our continuous growth. It is imperative that we continue to offer trusted products and services that help our members achieve their financial goals. We will also strive to implement new products and services, and look for opportunity to best represent you; our valued member.

As I begin the journey as CEO/President for Triangle Credit Union, I look forward to supporting the needs of our members, employees, and local communities. I wish you a positive beginning to the New Year, and look forward to serving you.


A. Scott MacKnight
Triangle Credit Union

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