President Simard

Attends the 2013 World Credit Union Conference

July 15, 2013

President Simard Attends the 2013 World Credit Union Conference

Comment July 15, 2013 by Triangle Credit Union

This week our President and CEO, Maurice Simard, is in Ottawa, the sublime capital city of Canada, for the World Credit Union Conference. There, Mr. Simard, will represent Triangle Credit Union on the world stage as a member of the World Leadership Development Committee for the World Council of Credit Unions. 

We’re very proud of Mr. Simard’s appointment, but here at Triangle we know it’s no fluke that he was selected. Since becoming President of Triangle in 1986, Mr. Simard has led the credit union’s growth from 5,400 members, $28M is assets, and 10 employees to today’s 40,000 members, $500M in assets and 151 employees. His expertise will serve the Council well as it seeks to grow and strengthen the worldwide credit union movement that currently counts 200,000,000 members and 56,000 credit unions in 101 countries.

As I have previously shared on the blog, I believe credit unions are a vital economic counterpoint to shareholder owned banks. A world in which only banks are allowed to grow and thrive is one that limits choice and, for many, even access to basic financial services. To ensure that this never becomes a world in which we live, the World Council “actively monitors and participates in the policy development of international organizations”. Policy and advocacy, however, are only a part of what the World Council does. Founded on the belief that “all people have the right to affordable, reliable and accessible financial services”, the World Council offers technical assistance programs that have reached millions of poor and low-income people across the planet.

Triangle Credit Union was founded on the factory floor of the Nashua Gummed and Coated Paper Company in the early part of the 20th century to ensure that mill workers had access to capital and a safe place to keep their savings. Our original mission is akin to the World Council’s current mission to ensure financial inclusion for the factory workers of Bangladesh, the farmers of Ethiopia, and the rest of the world’s poor and underserved people.

The new credit union movement is a worldwide movement. In sending Mr. Simard off to Ottawa this week, we at Triangle are proud to be a part of that movement. Mr. Simard, said it best himself when he stated at last year’s conference on his appointment, “I am both honored and excited to have been asked to serve in this capacity, and grateful for the opportunity it affords me, as a representative of Triangle Credit Union, to contribute at the world council level in making a difference in people’s lives”.


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