March 26, 2015

People Helping People: Triangle’s Temple St Nashua Branch

March 26, 2015 by Ian - eCommerce Content Specialist

On a recent frosty Friday morning, I stopped by Triangle Credit Union’s newest branch location, 30 Temple Street, in Nashua NH. But, to call the branch ‘new’ is to belie the depth of experience and passion of the Temple Street team. Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted and given a tour of the unique open space layout. Ornate yet welcoming, the branch seemed to mirror the professionalism and joy of the Temple Street team.

After our tour the branch manager proceeded to give me a history of the branch location. Formerly a flagship branch of Logix Federal Credit Union, Temple Street was long known in the community to be a great place to work and bank. But with a shifting economic climate, Logix Federal Credit Union made the decision to focus its operations in California.

In early November 2014, the branch manager received notice that Temple Street would be closing in January 2015. With a heavy heart, the branch manager informed the team the following day. As a sign of a strong and dedicated member oriented team, they all decided to stay on until the branch closed. Clearly the passion to serve that is the backbone of the credit union movement courses through the veins of the Temple Street team.

Looking ahead and thinking of the Logix members’ financial needs, the branch manager made a call to Triangle Credit Union to ensure that we would be ready to serve the Logix members through shared branching. That confirmed, further discussion ensued that culminated in a decision for Triangle Credit Union to move into the space at Temple Street and offer new positions to the employees from the Logix Temple Street location. This enabled the team to continue to give former Logix members not only the great service they are accustomed to, but to also give them a familiar place to go with familiar faces they already know and trust. Logix Federal Credit Union closed the Temple Street location on January 16, 2015 and Triangle opened in the same location on February 2, 2015.

The last few months have been a whirlwind for the Temple Street team, “…a dizzying emotional roller coaster”, as the branch manager described it. At Triangle’s annual meeting last month, that roller coaster seemed to finally slow to a manageable pace. Sitting together, the team surveyed the room and realized that this is where they truly belong

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