March 29, 2013

 People Helping People - Stacey

Comment March 29, 2013 by Ian Hughes

For the second profile in our series, “People Helping People,” I spoke with Mortgage Originator, Stacey G. Stacey has been an originator with Triangle Credit Union since June of 2011, and has been working in the industry since 2000. Her background in sales and mortgage processing has given her a well-rounded perspective on member home buying and refinancing needs.


Recently one of our members had this to say of Stacey’s work, “In the many years I have conducted business I never had such a pleasure working with a loan officer. From our very first discussion, Stacey has provided excellent advice. She is also quite pleasant and very efficient. Stacey certainly embodies the goals and ideals of a credit union”. 

I recently sat down and spoke with Stacey to gain some insight into how she works to embody the goals and ideals of our credit union.

What steps do you take that ensure that the mortgage process is not overwhelming for our members?

My goal is to make financing as seamless as possible. I make sure I have all of the members documents needed for the loan upfront. I also make sure that I know what is going on with their loan and keep them informed throughout the process.

Do you have an area that you feel is your specialty?

I am experienced with purchases, refi, and home equity, but I feel my specialty is finding ways to make the loan work for Triangle and the member.

Can you describe a situation where you have found a way to make the loan work?

I recently met with a member who wanted a 10 year term but that they also wanted to save on their monthly payment. Once I reviewed their situation, I noticed that they were leaving themselves very little funds at the end of the month with this plan. So, I presented as an alternative a 15 year term with the member making 10 year payments, that way the member wouldn’t be committed into something they may not be able to afford down the road. Life changes & jobs change.

There’s a lot of educating in my position. I want to make sure that the member is aware of the best option, but ultimately I let them make the decision.

Tell me a bit about your life outside of Triangle. I’m very active; I love to hike.

My son and I are members of the Nashua YMCA, while I work out, he takes advanced art classes. It’s great; we both get to pursue our passions.

What do you feel the credit union difference is?

At the Credit Union, it’s not our deadline, it’s the members’. When members are dealing with brokers, commissions often dictate when and how the process is going to work. At the Credit Union, we have goals but we are working first for member satisfaction and then for referrals. Therefore, we typically close in 4-5 weeks, which is well ahead of the industry average.

What is your favorite part about your job? And why?

Member satisfaction – Knowing that I played a part in helping them achieve their goals is very rewarding.

To reach Stacey to discuss your home buying or refinancing needs, call (603) 889-2470 or request a free consultation.


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