September 25, 2014

Debit on Demand

Comment September 25, 2014 by Triangle Credit Union

Triangle Credit Union has taken another exciting step forward in the world of banking technology, Debit on Demand. I recently caught up with Triangle’s ATM/Plastic Card Administrator, Norma, to ask her what this means for our members and for the credit union.

Busy, but unable to contain her excitement, here’s what Norma had to say:

“Debit on Demand is a whole new level of offering for us that once again brings us to the level of banks. It proves that Triangle listens to our members, but that we also listen to the industry. The new cards are flat, no more raised numbers, thus less susceptible to fraud. Also, the timeframe to produce has gone from about 10 days (the industry standard) to 0. So, no longer will cards and PIN numbers be sitting in your mailbox at risk to loss or theft. We are also working to differentiate ourselves from other institutions that offer Debit on Demand, by making sure that our cards are also instantly active. We want our members to walk out of the credit union, card in hand, with the ability to go right out and make purchases. And it won’t be just our individual members that will be able to get an instantly issued card, but our business members and HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) too!”

Norma’s excitement was contagious and I look forward to needing a new card. She went on to speak about the future; next up Norma will be exploring EMV chips. What was most apparent from our conversation though was just how neatly this new service aligns with our members’ lifestyles.

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