April 23, 2015

Home Buying Tips from Our Experts

Comment April 23, 2015 by Triangle Credit Union

Credit unions, Triangle included, have long held the motto, “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service." The service that credit unions stand for extends beyond offering competitive products and great rates to improving the communities we serve through financial education. The best example of how Triangle meets this service obligation is in the presenting of free financial education seminars throughout the year at our various branch locations. Ahead of our Home Buyer Seminar, I checked in with a couple of Triangle’s Mortgage Originators and experts to get some of their top home buying tips and a sense of what they’ll be discussing.

For home buyers, first-timers especially, our experts echoed the sentiment that to get through this exciting but stressful time, work closely with a professional mortgage representative. A mortgage is not a simple one-size-fits-all product. With a variety of terms and rates available, it’s very important to team-up with a trusted advisor. Even if you are not yet ready to buy a home, Triangle’s Mortgage Specialists will coach and advise you as to what steps you need to take to achieve your dreams. Triangle offers a free face-to-face mortgage consultation. So, you can start talking with an expert early as well as often throughout the home buying process.

As to the particulars of Triangle’s mortgage offerings, our experts made sure to explain the following. There are no pre-payment penalties on Triangle’s mortgages. We do not charge points, and the minimum down payment can be as low as 3% of the purchase price. If you think this spring might be the season when you will become a home owner, this may be the time to act. Triangle is offering, for a limited time only, $1,000 toward closing costs.

$1,000 off mortgage closing costs

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If you’d like to hear more from our mortgage team, you can request a free consultation. You’ll get insight into shopping for a home and making an offer to understanding what to expect at closing. 

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