May 14, 2015

Business Banking to Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Comment May 14, 2015 by Triangle Credit Union

When we meet with business owners in our branches and out in the community, we often ask, “What do you need to help you become even more successful?” The most common answer is “more time.” Filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, business owners often don’t have the time to manage the everyday trimmings of running a business such as their business banking accounts. Fortunately, for those driven to run a successful business but too busy to do it all themselves, Triangle has incorporated new business banking features that are designed to save time and make your business run smoothly.


Once upon a time, if you lost your debit card, you would have to contact us to cancel it and then wait 7-10 business days for the card to be processed, embossed, and shipped to you. Well now, we’ve cut that wait time down to the same day at the following branch locations: Franklin St, Nashua; DW South, Nashua; Temple St, Nashua; Elm St, Manchester; Candia Rd, Manchester; Amherst, and Derry.

Debit on Demand is perfect for the landscaper that wants to give employee debit cards to their drivers or the business owner that needs to open a 2nd or 3rd checking account for discretionary spending or petty cash. Simply stop by any of the aforementioned branches and we’ll get you set up in no time. This service is also available for your personal accounts!

Shared Access:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could delegate to a trusted individual, say your bookkeeper or accountant, access to your business banking accounts while keeping controls in place to ensure that all transactions are approved by you? With Shared Access that dream is now a reality. Simply log into your online banking, navigate to “Additional Services”, click “Share access with others,” and then follow the prompts to “Add a Person.”

You can control which accounts your trusted individual has access to and you can decide whether they should have “View Only” access or whether they can perform certain types of transactions. You can allow your trusted individual to perform internal transfers and bill payments and you can set a per transaction limit. You can also control whether or not they can add/edit existing payees for any transaction types they have access to.

Both Debit on Demand and Shared Access are designed to give you, the business owner, more time to focus on the actions that grow your business while ensuring that peace of mind safeguards are in place to keep you in control. Give us a call at (603) 889-2470 or visit a branch today and we’ll set you up with business banking features that will help your business run smoothly.

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