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What's Making Money Personal? 

Do you find finance to be daunting? You're not alone!

Triangle's Making Money Personal Podcast talks about the impact that money has on your personal and professional life. Join us for fun, relevant financial topics that provide you with resources to help you make financial decisions. Our podcast examines trends and topics with support from industry professionals. 

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Recent Episodes

Child Identity Theft and Ways to Avoid it

Many of us know about identity theft and its negative impact on our society today. With the many ways identity theft can occur it’s no surprise that almost anyone can become a victim, including children. In this episode we wanted to expose the rising threat of child identity theft and provide insight into the steps you can take to safeguard your children against this growing threat.

We are chatting with Basil Paul, a fraud resolution specialist at Econocheck, who helps identity theft victims recover from the damages they suffered. His knowledge and expertise is highly valuable in a day where identity theft is a rising crime.

Planning for the College Funding Adventure- Karen Collins from NHHEAF

In this episode we discuss college planning and funding with Karen Collins from NH Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF). Karen helps parents and students navigate the multiple stages of the college planning process from college applications, to properly filing and submitting the FAFSA form.