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What's Making Money Personal? 

Do you find finance to be daunting? You're not alone!

Triangle's Making Money Personal Podcast talks about the impact that money has on your personal and professional life. Join us for fun, relevant financial topics that provide you with resources to help you make financial decisions. Our podcast examines trends and topics with support from industry professionals. 

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Recent Episodes

Triangle Credit Union's Response to COVID-19

Listen in for updates on what Triangle is doing to keep members and employees safe during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Budgeting Basics

Do you find budgeting intimidating, confusing, or maybe just boring? Don’t let emotional dread of budgeting hold you back from taking control of your finances. In this episode we break budgeting down to its basics so you will learn how to easily create one, what line items you should be including, and ways to stay on track once it’s established.

6 Financial Topics Couples Should Talk About

In this episode we cover 6 money topics we think you should be discussing with your partner to increase communication, build unity and help you move forward together towards a financially secure future.

5 Ways to Spend Smart during the Holidays

It’s so easy to overspend during the holiday season, but with the proper planning and the right tools, you can keep yourself from scrambling every year. In this episode we cover 5 ways you can spend smart during this holiday season and what you can do to prepare for next year.

Fundamentals of Financial Planning

In this episode we talk with Brian Luce, Financial Planner at Triangle Financial Group, about the steps people can take to get financially organized, the fears he helps them overcome, and his motivation for helping them make the best financial decisions they can for their futures.

A Lower Cost Option for Higher Education

Community colleges offer students of any age the opportunity to achieve the degree they want at a significant cost savings. In this episode, Terri chats with Laura Tremblay and Anne Eule, representatives from Nashua Community College, about how community colleges can be an integral part of any student’s long term education plan and the many resources available for both students and parents to save money on financing, earn scholarships and ultimately transfer to a 4-year institution.

Kickstart College Planning

Is your student looking toward a future in higher education? If so, the sooner students start the planning process, the better prepared they will be.

In this episode, Terri and Liz chat with planner, teacher, and mother of three, Julie Dillow, about what parents can do to help their students begin the application process and develop a manageable college funding strategy. They cover everything from career assessment and selecting schools, to funding options and scholarships.

Financial Resolutions Review

Are you still on track to completing your New Year’s Resolutions? It’s easy to start off the year with momentum and enthusiasm, but what about when it’s halfway over?

In this episode, Wil and Terri touch base on their New Year’s resolutions, financial and non-financial, to see what kind of progress they have made… or haven’t. They also bring in Producer Liz on her 2019 resolutions and what kind of progress she has made.

Starting Your Business Relationship

When embarking on your new business journey, it’s important that you have the right guide to help you along the way. Your business relationship with a financial institution can be the strongest relationship you build and the most lasting that offers guidance and provides resources to keep your business running for years to come.

In this episode we talk with Christine, Commercial Loan Officer and “Dream-Maker” at Triangle Credit Union, who helps entrepreneurs and business owners get the financing they need. Christine offers advice on what to expect when applying for financing and shares a little bit about her passion for building trusting relationships with local business owners.

Finding Allies for Your Business

Starting, running, and growing your business is a journey. With the amount of time, effort, and mental preparation needed to stay the course and build success, it's important to know you're not alone. That's where the Small Business Administration (SBA) comes in as your reliable companion helping you face the journey with confidence. 

In this episode, we chat with Phil Frechette and Rachael Roderick, from the SBA, about a wide variety of resources they offer to businesses of any size, how they help small businesses get the financing they need, and the partners they work with that have provided years of reliable support to business owners. 

Boosting Your Business with Local Resources

Do you want to take your small business to the next level but need some guidance to get there? Through SCORE and its chapters, you can gain access to a variety of free resources that help entrepreneurs strategize, market, and effectively grow a business with help from their volunteer expert business mentors.

In this episode we talk with Rick Dassatti, Certified Mentor from SCORE's Merrimack Valley chapter (NH), on the wide variety of resources available to businesses. Rick describes the process of working with a SCORE Mentor, as well as the available resources including one-on-one guidance, webinars and courses, local events and more that can be utilized to achieve success.

ID Protection: Money Management, Credit Scores & Better Checking

Take the first steps to ensure your identity is secure: stay on top of your finances and pay attention to your credit score. Budgeting, reviewing your credit report, and signing up for identity protection and monitoring will give you peace of mind. 

In this episode, we chat with Better Checking guru, Jen, about the easy ways to safeguard your identity from the many threats it faces. She provides tips on what she does to make sure she is in control of her identity and talks about the tools she uses to stay financially secure. 

Teaching your Child the Importance of Saving

Encouraging children to save money at an early age helps them develop solid financial habits that they will carry on into their teen years and eventually, adulthood.

In this episode we chat with Triangle Credit Union Financial Services Representative and mother of two, Lori, who shares what she has learned over the years about teaching her children the importance of earning and saving money.

What to Expect in the Closing Process - Mortgage Madness Series

Closing on a home is an exciting and happy occasion for homebuyers. Finalizing paperwork is the last step in bringing your mortgage journey to a close. You owe it to yourself to be prepared and ready for what the closing process holds in store. 

Don't Buy a Dud! The Importance of a Home Inspection - Mortgage Madeness Series

A house will most likely be your most expensive purchase. For this reason, a home inspection is an important step in buying your new home. Inspectors are trained to take a thorough look at the home to check for stability, soundness, and overall condition. Don't buy a dud!

Steps to Finding Your Dream Home - Mortgage Madness Series

Finding an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor when you’re shopping for your home is critical. Your Realtor acts as your best guide and advocate so you can shop with confidence and ultimately enjoy the home buying process.

In this episode we talk with Realtor and Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), Lisa Waller-Gage from Sky Realty and discuss what to look for when searching for your dream home.


Securing Financing For Your New Home - Mortgage Madness Series

So you want to buy a home, but don’t know where to start. Join us for the first episode in our special home buying series Mortgage Madness to learn about the first step in your home buying process!

In this episode we talk with Al Lima, Mortgage Originator at Triangle Credit Union who helps guide home buyers through their purchase. Al provides insight into the steps needed to secure the financing potential buyers need to get into the house of their dreams.


What the Heck is Credit and Why is it Important?

Credit woes can lead to “no’s”. Learn how important your credit score is to your financial wellbeing and how to turn a potential “no” to a “yes”. Your credit score plays a role in your ability to get a car loan, an apartment, a mortgage and, in some cases, even a job.

In this episode we talk with Rosemary Gagne, one of Triangle’s Senior Loan Officers for over 17 years. With her experience using credit scores as one of the many factors used to qualify loans, Rosemary provides a substantial amount of credit knowledge for anyone trying to understand more about credit scores and their impact on the ability to borrow.


Financial Resolutions for the New Year

Get inspired to set your new personal and financial goals this year and arm yourself with the tools to give you the success you want.

In this episode Wil and Terri share their personal goals for the New Year and discuss the tools they use to establish their objectives and track their progress. Join them as they embark on this year-long journey to reach their personal goal destination.

Download the Making Goals Personal Roadmap and worksheet.


Child Identity Theft and Ways to Avoid it

Many of us know about identity theft and its negative impact on our society today. With the many ways identity theft can occur it’s no surprise that almost anyone can become a victim, including children. In this episode we wanted to expose the rising threat of child identity theft and provide insight into the steps you can take to safeguard your children against this growing threat.

We are chatting with Basil Paul, a fraud resolution specialist at Econocheck, who helps identity theft victims recover from the damages they suffered. His knowledge and expertise is highly valuable in a day where identity theft is a rising crime.


Planning for the College Funding Adventure- Karen Collins from NHHEAF

In this episode we discuss college planning and funding with Karen Collins from NH Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF). Karen helps parents and students navigate the multiple stages of the college planning process from college applications, to properly filing and submitting the FAFSA form.