In Our Community

It's where we live and work.


Enriching our community is a core belief of Triangle Credit Union, as an organization, and our staff. Our community is where our members live and, it's here, where we want to give, whether it is volunteering, sponsoring, or hosting events. Some organizations and events that Triangle is involved with include:

  • Academy of Finance
  • BG/Griffin Memorial Scholarship
  • Cigna Healthcare 5K Walk
  • CMC Associates
  • Cooperative CU Association
  • Corpus Christi Food Pantry
  • Derry Chamber of Commerce
  • Derry Rotary
  • Elliot Hospital Associates
  • Front Door Agency
  • Gate City Church
  • GNHR Association
  • Great American Downtown
  • Hudson Chamber of Commerce
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • Manchester Chamber of Commerce
  • Manchester Mental Health
  • Manchester South Soccer 
  • Mount Zion Christian School
  • Nashua Boys & Girls Club
  • Nashua Chamber of Commerce 
  • Nashua Christian Academy
  • Nashua Community Concerts
  • Nashua Humane Society
  • Nashua Senior Center
  • Nashua SummerFun
  • Nashua Symphony
  • Salvation Army
  • Souhegan Chamber of Commerce
  • Veterans Count

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