Kids Club Account

Stash the cash with the TCU Saver Coin Book. Each time you fill up the book you'll save $5!

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Kids Club Account

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A Gift for your Friend

Give this coupon to a friend so they can open their own Kids Club account! They will receive the first $5.00 FREE and will be entered into a raffle to win a $200 Toys R’ Us gift card!

Our Kid’s Club savings account gets your child started on the path to basic money management skills. This savings account for children is open and available to children under 13 years of age. Your child will start saving money for the future and have fun doing it!

  • Flex Certificate of Deposit Rates (CDs)
    • Flexible CDs allow you to add $100 increments to the balance of the account without risk of penalty FREE Coin Machine
  • FREE Online Banking & eStatements from your accounts
  • Newsletters, Contests & Raffles
  • Annual Kids Fest Celebration
  • Open your kids club account with as little as $5
  • Start earning savings for kids when the balance reaches $25

A joint owner must accompany the child at account opening. Please bring the child’s original Social Security card or Birth Certificate and Social Security number. Two forms of ID are required of the joint owner.

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