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4 Reasons You Should Be House Hunting This Fall

4 Reasons You Should Be House Hunting This Fall

October 31, 2016

4 Reasons You Should Be House Hunting This Fall


For your entire life you have been told that spring is the time to buy. Well guess what? You are not the only one who has heard this common myth. Both buyers and sellers get caught up in the spring mindset and often times miss cost-saving opportunities. As a REALTOR® in New Hampshire I often question why buyers wait to compete against hundreds of other buyers. In my opinion, fall is the time to buy, and here’s why:

Late Listers

Some sellers put their home up for sale right after the back-to-school craze in late August, missing the summer sellers market. Savvy, preapproved buyers like yourself, are ready to pounce on these early fall listings. These sellers are often motivated as they may not want to pay that mortgage all winter long to wait for the next spring market.

Holiday Hunters

Get into your home before the holidays! If you purchase your new home in the fall there's nothing better then showing off your stunning new home during the holidays, and truth is the sellers want to be in their new home for the holidays too, which means savings for you! You will be able to make Christmas memories in your home and enjoy some of those potential tax benefits on your 2016 filings.

Beat The Cold

Who wants to house hunt in the snow? Fall is the perfect time to see houses without trudging through the snow. When you can look at your home in the fall you can see the extensive landscape (or lack thereof) that your new home has to offer without wearing cumbersome outerwear and dealing with the snow. Colder weather allows your home inspector to check for potential energy efficiency errors with a thermal gun such as missing insulation, windows, etc, which means long term savings and negotiation power with sellers.

Fall is More

Not only are you not competing against other buyers to get into and purchase homes, you are working with professionals that have fewer clients to juggle. Professionals such as attorneys, title companies, REALTORS®, and lenders carry an extremely heavy workload from early spring until end of summer. When you buy in fall you are getting a larger portion and focus of these professionals’ time and energy to make sure your transaction goes smoothly. This means getting the time with your lender to review documents in detail and talk about your best options; picking dates and times to look at properties with your agent and not fearing that they are already booked up a week out; and getting that closing time you need at the end of the month with your attorney or title company.

No matter what time of year you decide is the right time to start your home buying search, it's important to have the right team to help you through the process. Take time to interview REALTORS® to find one that works well with you, and research your lender options. With advocates you can trust, neither rain, snow, sun or falling leaves will hold you back from your dream of owning a home.

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